Statement on Rise in Anti-Asian Violence

The Asian American Chamber of Commerce is saddened and shocked by the recent crimes and violence against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) and AAPI business owners that have been rising in our society during the pandemic.

We advocate and demand an end to violence, along with respect and tolerance for everyone in our diverse nation who contributes to our great American society. We urge the government to provide a safe and inclusive environment for AAPI and people of all races and ethnicities and offer support to AAPI owned businesses and other businesses who are suffering tremendously due to the pandemic.

We would like to take this opportunity to
call for attention on the following aspects:
-              Improve intergroup relations, encourage cooperation, reduce discrimination, achieve racial and ethnic harmony in the society.
-              Promote diversity and inclusion initiatives in our region that raise awareness and promote greater understanding amongst ethnic groups and socio-economic levels. 
-              Raise Community awareness, call for engagement and support to Asian American organizations and the Asian community at-large.
-              Strengthen law enforcement to ensure a safer environment for AAPI  businesses and community.
-              Report discriminatory acts and crime toward AAPI Owned businesses and AAPI workers.
-              Support Asian and diverse business communities in our region. 

Amidst these adversities and challenging times, we are grateful to see the outpouring of support from government, corporations, community organizations, and people from all races and ethnicities. We have a boundless hope that we can prevail over these adversities and rise above by uniting together and nourishing an environment with love, respect, compassion and safety for all.

The mission of the Asian American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) is to encourage, facilitate and support the economic growth and sustainability of the greater Washington area community by building bridges and serving as a resource for the APA business community. As part of our effort to combat violence and discrimination, we call on you to make a personal commitment for transformative action. When a community is suffering, there are many ways to step up and show support. One of the easiest ways to be an ally is to shop from businesses owned by the affected community. Asian American business have been hit hard during the pandemic, so if there’s one near you, consider visiting and getting to know more about them and the products they sell. Share ideas on mutually beneficial collaborations and networking and investment opportunities.  Even the simplest gesture carries a lot weight when done with love.